CEO of Euroinvest Andrey Berezin: Spain Has Prospects for the Future


Spain has always attracted business people from all over the world with its comfortable business environment. This country has rapidly developed its tourism and food industry, development, services, and trade. Entrepreneurs from Russia actively cooperated with their Spanish partners on a mutually beneficial basis.

Today’s realities dictate new conditions, but this does not mean commercial ties have been severed forever. There are some areas, such as medicine, high technology, instrumentation, and investment, in which work has either not ceased at all or continues to be carried out with certain peculiarities in mind.

Beginning of Success

Russian entrepreneur Andrey Berezin, CEO of the Euroinvest holding, finds new directions for his business under challenging conditions. Yes, times today are complex, Berezin admits, but we cannot say that they have not brought us new exciting opportunities.

Berezin, a graduate of D.F. Ustinov Leningrad Mechanical Institute, started his business in the difficult 90s. He realized that international partnership had undeniable prospects as an ambitious young man. Quickly assessing the most promising current conditions direction, he set up container shipments of goods and products from England. This is how Berezin not only started his way to significant business but also clearly marked the vector of all his future activities – always taking care of people.

As the entrepreneur said in one of his interviews, the fact that he managed to grow into a severe business person without tarnishing his reputation and always doing business honestly, even in those difficult times, laid a solid foundation for his future career.

Today Berezin’s business includes activities in various directions, but always the money earned goes to help people, to support young talents, and to develop real professionals.

Promising Direction

It would be wrong to say that the entrepreneur’s talent is cramped in Russia; he is just used to working as productively as possible and looking for optimal conditions for growth and earnings. Of course, the sphere of his interests is also located outside our country.

The construction company Euroinvest Development, which has long and productively developed under the wing of Euroinvest, has proved itself on the best side in Russia. It is known by everyone in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, where the company is most active. The company is known for its revolutionary projects in housing (for example, the innovative Residential Complex in Murino) and for being called the most client-oriented developer in the Leningrad region.

Andrey Berezin decided long ago to pay special attention to development as not only a perspective but also an exciting direction. He started buying land in the Leningrad Region and in the city limits a long time ago, even before he had the idea to create Euroinvest Development. Things were going well, and Berezin became interested in similar European projects.

A few years ago, he found reliable partners in Italy and tried his hand at real estate projects there. The partners developed some exciting and favorable solutions for clients, offering a wide range of real estate, from simple apartments to real castles.

The Italian experience still helped Berezin to hone his new skills and further strengthen his already rich experience in the field. Today the businessman, looking ahead, is thinking about what projects could be implemented in Spain, which is so beloved by many. The businessman and his team are ready to work not only with their compatriots but also with foreign clients. All the more so, there is considerable experience.

Tourism and Recreation

The thirst for activity and development of new directions remains unquenchable for Andrey Berezin. The entrepreneur does not discount the tourism business when considering further potential projects in Spain. If you try this new direction, the country seems more than promising. The field of activity is also the widest:

– rental

– hotel business

– restaurant business

– personnel training

Many of these activities the businessman has long been actively developing in Russia. He is looking at others, not discounting the possibility of concluding some deals and continuing to act through partners. It is not unimportant that this area in the future can give our compatriots a lot of jobs.

In addition, Spain is a promising investment market, and this kind of activity is a result of Euroinvest holding. Andrey Berezin is ready to develop this direction in the country.

Today, when many companies are leaving our country, investing as a business can be both extremely profitable and destructive. Everything depends on experience, knowledge, and the ability to make crucial decisions quickly. Andrey Valerievich emphasizes that even a good asset may not be helpful to everyone.

First of all, it concerns doing business in Russia when a severe company has an opportunity to buy out foreign competitors. Invest not only in the process itself but also in equipment and immovable property. Berezin gives an example of how his company has received purchase offers from Nokian Tyres to a gas station fast food chain.

At first glance, the offer is tempting and must take, but it makes sense to assess your and your business’s capabilities impartially.

“Why do I need tires?” elaborates Berezin, – “It’s entirely out of our line of work. There are things that only profile investors should do, the businessman stresses. At the time of the deal, you need to have all the information from the finer points of production to the raw material base”.

If you invest your energy and money, you should invest in a business in which you are already a high professional or in a related industry. Today, the entrepreneur’s team is thinking about investment, development, and the tourist component in Spain.

But while the tourist direction is still only in the businessman’s plans, the critical and complex project of his own, the production of medical devices, is always a priority for him.

Key Area

In addition, the company produces unique X-ray tubes, the scope of which is excellent; they are bought for customs, forensics, and medical devices. Many countries, not only European countries, purchase such tubes because the appropriate modification allows using them in foreign X-ray machines.

Berezin plans to offer this work to his Spanish colleagues in the future since this necessary equipment for modern medicine is not yet produced in this country.

The issue of cooperation with Spain in the medical field does not end there. In the near future, Andrey Berezin plans to launch the production of unique devices for treating lung cancer. The prototype device has already been successfully presented in Russia and has passed the first clinical tests. This apparatus allows for radiation therapy during surgery (intraoperative treatment) when the doctor simultaneously removes the malignant tumor and uses X-rays to treat the affected areas. By the way, this is not the only Euroinvest project that can help doctors in the fight against cancer. The specialists are no less interested in the X-ray device for rapidly diagnosing breast tumors created at the holding enterprises. Its prototype is also being prepared for mass production.

The businessman is sure it is necessary to share such developments. After all, we are discussing the fight against one of the worst diseases. Importing the device to Spain, not the wealthiest country in the EU, would also be helpful because the cost of foreign analogs of similar instruments is three times higher.

It is even more critical that we strengthen the company’s staff, including at the expense of scientific workers from the closed research centers, such as the All-Union Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents. Even now, the employees who came in recent years are implementing essential tasks, for example, creating high-frequency generators for processing of high-temperature ceramics. This work is being commissioned by Rosatom.

Considering the scale of work and complexity of the created devices, it makes sense to think about work for export as well. Berezin and his partners are interested in various foreign markets, including developing ones. But one of the priority tasks is further consolidation in the European market. In particular, the businessman is planning to enter the Spanish market, which could be a promising area of cooperation.

Andrey Valerievich appreciates the human mind and intellect very much and is ready to create any working conditions necessary for talented employees. The businessman has never put profit in the first place; development is what he works for and allows others to work. Berezin is always glad to see top-notch specialists in his team.

In conclusion, we would like to point out a unique and increasingly high interest of Andrey Berezin personally and Euroinvest Holding’s subdivisions in general in training specialists and human capital development in general.

The company has actively invested in initiatives supporting young talents for the last few years. For example, it co-financed the educational platforms of the Euler Mathematical Foundation, the international Olympiad Formula of Unity / The Third Millennium, and the regional competition Prometheus Star. Euroinvest also created its own scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students who achieve good results in their studies.

But this year, Andrey Berezin announced new plans which, according to the experts, can make the holding one of the key players in the modern education market. It is about creating a principally new educational institution in St. Petersburg, the governor’s academy. They plan to choose the most talented children to study here and make the most comfortable conditions for their development.

Recently the head of Euroinvest said that, in general, the question of the future staff of the academy has already been solved. And also about the selected site for the construction. The educational institution will be located on the shore of Lake Big, and the area of the territory will allow turning it into a virtual campus.

There is no doubt that if these plans are brought to life in the nearest future, the holding will have no problems with the staff increase. Moreover, the hopes to continue expanding into global markets will also be more than real.


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