A man with an axe and a sword tried to break into the editorial office of The New York Times


A man with an axe and a sword entered the lobby of The New York Times newsroom in Manhattan and asked to speak to members of the political department. This was reported by ABC on Thursday, November 18, citing a statement from the NYPD.

Negotiations with the armed man took place in the newsroom lobby. After security officers refused to let the man in, he voluntarily surrendered his weapons and waited for the arrival of police officers.

As a result, the man was detained and taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The New York Times thanked police for responding to the incident, which was resolved quickly and peacefully.

In August, U.S. Navy veteran Ricky Walter Schieffer Jr. tried to enter the screening area of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office visitors. Later, after the man fled the scene, he was shot and killed by police.

Another high-profile case of an unannounced visit was the home invasion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by one David Depapa. The Speaker was not at home, and her husband was the victim of the attack. The intruder struck the elderly man several times with a hammer.

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